Utilizing photography, time-based media, projections, and installations my work explores topics of identity, diaspora, mental health, and domestic spaces. I have exhibited worldwide, including in New York City, London, Rome, and Berlin, and featured in CNN, Musée Magazine, and No Tokens.

Projections &
Living Room

Projections and Resemblances

This series is an effort to create a connection to my estranged familial past. The figures become apparitions occupying anachronistic domestic spaces.

A two-channel time-based media installation accompanies the photographs. These channels explore the platitude of becoming your parents by projecting my maternal and paternal lineage onto myself. Created using found family photos, 35 mm slides, and digital photography.



A photographic diary of quiet moments and observations while living in Boston, New York, and Providence.

2016 - present

Living Room

During my transitional post-grad life in Boston, MA, I installed a point-and-shoot time-lapse camera to the ceiling of my tiny living room. The camera went off once an hour for over a month. A move away from constructed imagery, this project captures small, intimate scenes during this period of my life.

Photography, Sculpture



(Show Me Your World/Tell Me Your Secrets) 

A site-specific installation, Show/Tell, was part of the Persephone Project created during the Barton Booth residency with RE:ARTISTE and Daughters of Troy. When entering the room, the viewer is inundated with a voyeur experience. The audience views a woman living her life through the window while listening to different secrets from each corner of the room. After entering the room, visitors were asked to reveal their secrets on notepaper in the closets.

Projection, Audio, Video, Photography