Content creator, crafter, and problem solver.

I'm a Visual Media Specialist at the University of Rhode Island, wearing many creative hats. I weave captivating stories using different artistic threads, whether photography, videography, graphic design, social media, or strategic visual communication. As an artist, I explore themes of identity and domestic spaces through photography, time-based media, and installation art.

What sets my approach apart is that I let the message lead the way rather than the medium. That means each project has its unique style and personality. Plus, a background in pop culture and lifestyle content brings a dash of flair to the work. My work has been exhibited worldwide, including New York, Rome, and Berlin, and you might have spotted it on CNN, Buzzfeed, The Evening Standard, or Green Wedding Shoes. Bringing precision and creativity to the table, I'm the versatile, dedicated, and results-driven creator you're looking for!

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